Friday, July 31, 2015


Dog freezes up in silent protest

Mia the Golden Retriever has an odd way of demonstrating that she's not happy about a delay in departure to play fetch at the park.

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Residents unhappy about worms in their tap water

Residents of a small east Texas town say they are dealing with worms in their drinking water.

About 30 neighbours from the Woodland Acres subdivision of Old River-Winfree went to the water facility on Wednesday afternoon with their own samples to show. They all said that worms are flowing out with their tap water.

"There's these red ones, there's these black ones, almost look like tadpoles," said Andrea Devault. Private company, J&S Water, says it did have a power outage this weekend and some equipment broke, so it flushed the system and on Tuesday asked people to start boiling their water.

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But the company says it's tested the water multiple times with the state environmental agency and found no sign of worms. They're blaming some other source, like the pipes. The neighbours went to the water facility hoping to talk to someone from the company but the spokesman is out of town.

Motorist who was speeding in reverse with his genitals exposed conceded that he was impaired

A man who was speeding in reverse and had his genitals exposed told deputies: “There is no doubt that I am impaired.” At about 2:35am on July 11 police officers reported a man later identified as Steven Nichols, 64, pulled in the parking lot of an abandoned building in Fort Pierce, Florida.

Nichols, driving a Nissan utility vehicle, revved the engine and started speeding in reverse. He nearly crashed into a concrete pillar. St. Lucie County Sheriff’s deputies spoke to Nichols, who had a pack of beer in the front seat. Investigators saw an open Budweiser in the cup holder, but Nichols denied it was there.

He said he went to the gym, then a bar in Stuart and quaffed “at least” three drinks. He said he was trying to get home to Virginia, which is approximately 800 miles away. He said he “needed to be here” and wanted to “detox himself mentally” before going home.

Before Nichols participated in field sobriety exercises, deputies noticed that his genitals were exposed. As Nichols, of Jensen Beach, took field sobriety exercises, he said, “There is no doubt that I am impaired.” Nichols was arrested on a DUI charge and received citations including refusing to submit to a breath test and having an open container.

Man should probably stay away from 18th and Emmet Streets

A 27-year-old man shot and wounded on Sunday night in Omaha, Nebraska, remains in a critical condition.

Ran’dell Busch was shot at about 10:40pm near 18th and Emmet Streets. He was hit in his leg or legs and was taken with life-threatening injuries to Creighton University Medical Center, police said.

Busch has been shot before. In January 2012, he was shot in the leg by police when he ran away from a van parked near 18th and Emmet as officers approached. He later pleaded no contest to resisting arrest in connection with the incident.

Busch was again shot in September 2014, also near 18th and Emmet Streets. Police said at the time that he was uncooperative and offered little information about the shooting. The investigation into Sunday night's shooting is continuing.

Missing peacock returned before leaving again

A missing peacock in western Prince Edward Island, Canada, returned briefly to his enclosure on Tuesday, but took off again before he could be recaptured.

Owner Kevin Cook said his bird Tango was spotted by neighbours. "I went and looked and there was nothing, so he must have, I thought, flew up into the trees or jumped over and gone somewhere in our wooded area, or who knows where.

"But he was gone. It was a short little show that he knows where home is at least. That was the positive out of all that." Cook only recently acquired the four-year-old bird and has been actively trying to find Tango since he went missing.

He is trying to attract him by playing peacock calls on his cellphone. Cook said he's had calls from the mainland from people who've seen peacocks on the loose, but he's pretty sure Tango hasn't wandered that far.

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Man who rode out of shopping mall on Pooh bear-type children's car finally arrested - Update

A man has finally been arrested for stealing a Winnie the Pooh bear-type toy car from a shopping mall in Belarus. CCTV of the incident was released by police several days after the crime was committed on 6 May.

The footage shows a man walking around the mall and taking a seat on the toy car while talking on his phone. The man then edges it towards the exit doors.

He is then seen slowly but surely manoeuvring the toy car across the shopping mall's car park. Police in the capital Minsk made a public appeal for anyone who recognised the man to come forward.

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They also promised confidentiality to those who could help identify the thief. A labourer has now confessed to the crime, saying he was drunk and did not remember where he abandoned the toy car that night. It has yet to be found.

Badger recovering at animal shelter after being found drunk on Polish beach

A female badger is recovering at a Polish animal shelter, two days after the party animal was found passed out on a beach having had too much to drink.

“Oh, youth. Oh, summer holidays,” animal shelter Dzika Ostoja joked on Wednesday on it's Facebook page, detailing Wandzia the badger’s plight in the Baltic seaside resort town of Rewal.

“We found Wandzia drunk, surrounded by seven [empty beer] bottles. There were two more in the bushes, so it’s possible Wandzia began partying there. Haha.” The badger is believed to have stolen the booze from fellow beachgoers, before removing the beer caps with her teeth.

The black and white omnivore was unconscious for two days, the shelter’s manager, Marzena Bialowolska, said, adding that the badger had partially recovered but was still unable to sit up. “She’s been sleeping, drinking water and eating chick meat,” said Bialowolska. If all goes well, Wandzia will be released back into the wild by the end of the week.

There's a short video of a recovering Wandzia the badger here.

Man's unusual eight-month campaign against neighbour's fence gets a result of sorts

A man has spoken of his relief after planners at Kirklees Council in Yorkshire finally made a decision over nis neighbour's fence. Retired plumber Gary Flowers, 68, went into battle with council planners over the 8ft fence next door which was put up in June 2013. Gary insisted the fence failed to comply with council policy, yet the council hadn’t made a decision in eight months.

Following his long campaign, the council have finally rejected a retrospective planning application, saying it was an eyesore and a road safety danger. Even though the decision had gone his way, Gary said: “I don’t consider it a victory because that’s not what it was about. I don’t have anything against my neighbour, this was all about the council and planning policy. If this application had been approved it would have set a precedent.” Gary, of Wakefield Road, Earlsheaton, Dewsbury, pointed out that a fence next to a highway needed planning permission if it was over a metre (3ft 3in) in height.

In parts the fence which surrounds the house next door is between two metres and 2.5 metres (8ft 2in) tall. Gary said drivers emerging from the driveway couldn’t see down the road until the last minute. Believing his protests were falling on deaf ears Gary went to extreme lengths to publicise his case, spending up to £1,500 on his one-man campaign. He put up a sign board with slogans and banners in his front garden and had a row of toy monkeys sitting on top. He also hired a planning consultant, set up a YouTube channel and hand-delivered 7,000 letters to homes and businesses across Kirklees.

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Refusing the application, the council’s decision notice said the height and design of the fence “fails to retain a sense of local identity and is not in keeping with the appearance and character of the street scene” and was “prejudicial to the visual amenity.” It said the fence to the front of the house was “harmful to highway safety” as was the fact that cars emerging from the gateway would have to slow down or stop on a busy main road. Gary said he now wanted the council to enforce the decision and order the fence be lowered or taken down.

Cow and bullock got heads stuck in same tree four days apart

A cow and a bullock both got their heads stuck in the same tree days apart. The animals were found wedged at Trelissick House in Cornwall. During the first incident last Friday, staff on the estate spent half an hour trying to find a way to free the bullock before deciding to chisel away some branches to release its ear.

In the second incident, which happened on Tuesday, a cow did exactly the same thing and was again freed by staff. National Trust worker Craig Hardman said he thought it was a joke when he was told about the first incident. But when he arrived at the field and saw the bullock's head stuck in the sycamore tree he said he realised it was actually quite serious.

"We don't know why the cows did it," he said. "We've looked at the hole and there is nothing of any interest in there. We just think there were some insects in there that attracted them. Maybe they just wanted some alone time. We don't know how long they had been stuck in there when they were spotted.

"We've had two different cows get their heads stuck in the same hole four days apart. To my knowledge it has never happened before. It is a bit of a weird one." The National Trust has now fenced off the tree to stop the cattle from doing it again. They belong to a local farmer and graze on the estate near Truro.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Get off our lawn

Playful baby elephant chases after swallows

At Kruger National Park in South Africa.

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Pug perplexed by fart machine

Grimley is unsure what to make of the evil farting device.

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Later, however, he was confident enough to move into attack mode.

Boinging baby goats befriend barn cat

Week-old Lady Bug and Princess Leia meet Moo the barn cat at Sunflower Farm in Cumberland, Maine.

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Not content with robbing bank 'brazen bandit' also helped himself to a complimentary lollipop

A Florida man dubbed as a "brazen bandit" by deputies is accused of robbing a bank, and before walking out, taking one of the bank's complimentary lollipops with him.

Deputies said Jonathan Boston, 30, robbed two banks, one on Saturday and one Monday. Security cameras spotted Boston parking his truck outside the bank to make a quick getaway.

His first robbery was at the TD Bank in West Palm Beach. He passed a note demanding cash, took his bounty - and a lollipop - then left, according to deputies. Less than 48 hours later, he robbed the TD Bank in suburban West Palm Beach.

He parked in front of the bank, passed a note to the teller and demanded money, deputies said. But deputies said he didn't get very far. They were able to track him down shortly after the robbery in his truck. All of the cash was recovered. He is charged with bank robbery and is being held at the Palm Beach County Jail.

Man accused of trying to use rattlesnake as deadly weapon

An Arizona man allegedly tried to kill another man with a rattlesnake, but the snake would not bite. Nathaniel Buck Harrison, 38, of Oracle, entered a person's home on July 23 and accused a man of being a "rat" and for sending his friend to prison, according to the Pinal County Sheriff's Office. He then allegedly hit the 53-year-old victim over the head with a board, breaking it in two pieces, and said he was going to kill him.

Sheriff's officials said that Harrison handled the snake with his bare hands trying to push the snake towards the man. When the snake wouldn't bite, PCSO says, Harrison forced the victim to the ground and then used a handgun to fire a bullet into a speaker box close to the victim's foot. By this time, 911 had been called and deputies were on their way. The sirens spooked Harrison who allegedly hid the handgun within a couch located in the kitchen, said PCSO.

Harrison refused to come out of the home at first, but was eventually taken into custody. He was booked into jail under suspicion of endangerment, aggravated assault, criminal trespassing, disorderly conduct with a weapon, possession of a deadly weapon during the commission of a felony offence, unlawful discharge of a firearm and threatening and intimidating. PCSO says Harrison has an "extensive criminal history" and is being held on $50,000 bond.

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Neighbours say Harrison had been in and out of the mobile home park often. Manager Suzie Riddell said that several months ago he tried to throw a hornet's nest inside another resident's home. Riddell said she believes Harrison has mental problems. "I hope they get him help this time," she said. "Just throwing him in jail isn't going to help." "This is the first case I have heard where a victim attempted to use a venomous snake to kill or injure his victim," said Sheriff Paul Babeu. The snake was caught by deputies and released into the wild.

Orphaned pine marten entered house through cat flap helped himself to food and had a nap

An orphaned pine marten is being cared for after taking refuge through a cat flap, helping himself to food and settling down for a nap.

Anne Paterson, from Gartness in Stirling, Scotland, watched as the surprise visitor sneaked in from the garden and made himself at home. The little pine marten, who has been named Edan, is being cared for at the Scottish SPCA rescue centre in Fishcross.

Ms Paterson said: "I had spotted the pine marten in the garden a few times but I didn't think anything of it. "Then one day my daughter and I watched him go into the house through the cat flap.

"Our cats weren't around at the time and he started munching away on their food before curling up in one of their beds. I'm glad to hear Edan is doing well after being rescued." It is hoped Edan can be set free in the next four to six weeks.

Clean bill of health given to silly Shih Tzu who swallowed whole kitchen scourer

A little dog from Jarrow, South Tyneside, owes his life to charity vets after swallowing a whole kitchen sponge ... complete with scouring pad. Alfie the Shih Tzu had to have emergency treatment after eating his foamy snack and has now made a full recovery. The 20-month old pet was keeping his owner Maria Bird company as she cleaned the bathroom when he swiped a clean sponge from the packet and swallowed it whole.

The dog didn’t even flinch after his unusual meal, but 53-year-old Maria knew that Alfie’s naughty niblbing could cause him some serious harm. She said: “Alfie has always been a mischief-maker but I was astounded when he wolfed down the sponge in one go. He seemed absolutely fine but I knew he could be in deep trouble. I rushed him straight to PDSA where vets checked him over.” Maria, who has had Alfie since he was a puppy, and her daughter Jade took Alfie to the PDSA’s Gateshead Pet Hospital

Vets immediately administered emergency treatment to make Alfie sick and avoid him having to undergo surgery. Vet Nurse Caroline Watson said: “We gave Alfie an injection to make him sick and thankfully, the medicine worked its magic quickly. Thanks to the speedy actions of Maria, Alfie avoided a far worse fate, as when pets swallow foreign bodies, they can cause tears or fatal blockages in the digestive system. We were amazed that such a small dog managed to swallow a sponge of that size.

“It can’t have been very pleasant going down or coming back up again.” Alfie gave his owners a shock as he doesn’t usually eat things he shouldn’t, and they will be watching him closely from now on. Alfie returned home shortly after his ordeal and returned to his usual self. Maria said: “I am so grateful to PDSA for their fast action and help with Alfie. We are keeping a close eye on him to make sure he doesn’t snaffle any other spongy treats again.”

Laughing fire extinguisher driver jailed

Footage has been released of a man driving a car after his passenger deliberately set off a fire extinguisher, filling the vehicle with vapour.

Charlie Jones, 21, of Peacehaven, East Sussex, was jailed for dangerous driving after a video he uploaded onto Facebook was reported to Sussex Police.

The video, which Jones entitled "classic nearly died twice", was recorded in August 2014. In the footage, he is heard to shout: "I can't see, I can't see."

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Appearing at Lewes Crown Court, Jones was jailed for 10 weeks for dangerous driving. He was also banned from driving for 18 months and ordered to pay £1,000 costs. He will be required to sit an extended driving test before being allowed to return behind the wheel.

Jail for pink-wigged naked man who waggled private parts at passing cars

A man has been jailed for standing naked in the central reservation of a dual carriageway next to a busy roundabout in Devon and waggling his private parts at cars. Malcolm King, 57, was wearing only a pink wig, chocolate body paint, and stick-on body jewellery. He was waving a glow stick. King was jumping up and down and waggling his private parts at a stream of cars, some containing children, as they passed him at the Penn Inn at Newton Abbot. He chose to expose himself on the night of January 30 this year, at a time when a warning had been issued about sub zero temperatures and frosty roads. King had only been released hours earlier from a previous five months sentence for exposing himself in a beach hut in Torbay.

He has previously been jailed for exposing himself in the centre of Plymouth while wearing only a blonde wig, pink gloves and pink shoes, and in Exeter while wearing only a pink sock and garter. Homeless King, previously of Plymouth, admitted exposure and was jailed for 12 months by Recorder Malcolm Galloway at Exeter Crown Court. He told him: "Members of the public, when the read of these offences, may find some of them amusing but there was a real potential you were doing this in front of children and others who might be shocked. You may, perhaps in drink, find this something you wish to do, but others do not want to see it and the court has to consider that you have completely ignored earlier sentences.

"This happened on the day you were released from prison on one of the busiest roundabouts in the country which was packed with cars. Dozens of members of the public would have seen you. I am told you were homeless and wanted to get arrested but I view that with a certain amount of suspicion because you could have walked naked into a police station but instead chose this roundabout. All the courts can do with this sort of behaviour is to pass longer and longer sentences." Gordon Richings, said a female police officer was driving past the Penn Inn roundabout shortly before 7pm when she saw a man standing in a triangular section of the central reservation on the Exeter side of the main A380 road.

He said: "The officer saw King completely naked save for a pink wig. He was jumping up and down waggling his penis. There were a number of pedestrians and motorists in the area and although it was dark, it was well lit. He was wearing stick-on jewels on his body. The officer stopped and he said to her 'let me in the car, I'm freezing'." Paul Dentith, defending, said King had been released from his last sentence earlier that day and was penniless and homeless. He said: "He had no form of support and says he had been reduced to drinking water from a river in Newton Abbot. He felt the only way of getting help was to be arrested. He was in a dreadful state." Mr Dentith said King has been in custody since his arrest, which equates to a 12-month sentence, and will receive more support from the probation service when he is released again.